Solo Funds: $1M to be raised to help fund jail fund

The Solo funds website shows that the crowdfunding platform will be able to support up to $1 million in jail funds.

The crowdfunding site has more than 3,000 contributors who are offering to donate $25 to $100 to help support the jail fund.

The Solo fund has already raised $2.8 million in donations.

“If you are an inmate, you may not be able access the funds in your wallet right now,” said one Solo Fund contributor, who asked to remain anonymous.

“You may have to use a bank account, pay a fee to access funds, or pay a visit to a court and find a court clerk who can help you file your case.”

The site has also been able to raise $100,000 to help inmates who have been jailed for minor offenses.

A spokesperson for the U.S. Department of Justice said the Justice Department would not comment on the crowdfunding site.

A statement from the U,S.

Attorney’s Office for the District of Maryland, which is overseeing the Solo funds, said: “The Solo funds will use the funds raised to provide for the needs of inmates in the district who are unable to make the travel to and from court for their scheduled court appearances.

If the Solo Funds funds are used for a court travel costs, the funds will be used for the inmate’s attorney fees.”

This is the third crowdfunding campaign to try to fund jail funds in the U., and the first that has been successful.

In December, the SoloFunds website said that it would provide $1,000 for each inmate in the jail, but the campaign was quickly shut down by the jail.

The crowdfunding site for the Solo Fund has been active since November.

The fund was launched by former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg in February 2017 and was intended to be a resource for people who want to contribute to the jail and prison system.

It currently has more then 5,000 users.

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