Vanguard funds provider relief fund: The best way to protect your retirement fund

Vanguard Funds, a company that provides mutual funds to consumers, has announced that it will offer free compensation to investors whose investments are exposed to an unsecured $100,000 credit default swap (or $100k in a $1,000,000 investment). 

Vanguard said that it was providing the funds to investors who made “substantial losses” of more than $50,000 in a single year due to the swap.

“Investors in this category have a substantial risk of having their investments wiped out due to a swap that they may have entered into during the prior year,” said an vanguard spokesman in a statement. 

“This compensation program will provide financial protection to the majority of investors whose investment portfolios are impacted by this swap, while offering investors who lose money due to this swap a small amount of compensation for the loss of money.”

Vanguard funds can offer the compensation to individuals for losses incurred in the previous year by their investments.” 

The offer comes after vampire fund Vampire said last week it would offer free annual distributions to all VBM holders after it said that its funds had been wiped out by the swap in March 2016.

Vampire and its affiliates have not provided an estimate of the number of VBM owners who have lost money. 

VBS Securities has been providing VBM investors with free compensation for losses due to its investments for several years, and VBM said that the company was offering a similar offer to its investors. 

While it is not known how many VBM shareholders are in the free compensation offer, Vanguard has not revealed how many investors have received compensation, although it said on Wednesday that it would be offering free compensation “for each VBM account that is exposed to this unsecurable credit swap”. 

The company said that there are currently over 2.3 million VBM accounts in its portfolio.

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