The biggest hedge funds and private equity fund owners are investing in Sydney’s rainforest

Posted November 02, 2018 08:02:13 The biggest investment vehicles in Sydney are investing heavily in rainforest protection, according to an analysis of the assets of hedge funds, private equity funds and other public and private investors in the city.

Key points: Rainforest protection is an increasingly popular investment for public and public-sector funds as demand for investment increases in the sectorSource: Bloomberg New Energy FinanceRainforest protection could become the next high-growth sector for the hedge funds: the analysis by Bloomberg New Economy Finance found that hedge funds were investing heavily, mainly in infrastructure, in the rainforest region.

Rainforest Protection Investment (RPI) has seen a massive increase in the past three years and has become a major sector of the Australian economy, driven in part by demand for infrastructure investment and climate change mitigation.

While rainforest conservation is an attractive investment for many private equity firms and private sector funds, they face a major challenge in attracting investment from investors, the analysis found.

The RPI sector has a very low tax base, and many investors are wary of tax, according a report by the Tax Justice Network (TJN).

While the sector’s revenue is estimated to be around $2 billion per year, the RPI is heavily dependent on government funding and has faced challenges in attracting investors, according the TJN report.

The TJN’s report said there was a lack of transparency around the funding of the sector and the amount of money invested.

RPI has had to rely on public funds and foreign investors to cover its losses.

It is also facing a growing body of research from NGOs that suggests that the sector is vulnerable to future climate change impacts.

The government has also stepped up efforts to encourage more investment in the RFI sector, including encouraging the RRI to invest in the infrastructure sector and making it easier for RPI to borrow money.

TNP said this had contributed to a more than 40 per cent increase in funding for the sector in the last year.

“The RPI and RRI both have a vested interest in the future success of the rainforests, and the government should be working together to create a mutually beneficial environment that supports the sector,” TJN director Sarah Mertin said.

Tipping points in funding RPI The analysis by TJN found that the government has a vested stake in the Rainforest Management Plan, which was launched in 2016 to protect and manage the rain forest.

The plan aims to achieve sustainable forest management, improve access to rainforest for farmers, create jobs and protect wildlife.

The analysis found that some of the largest private equity companies have expressed an interest in investing in RPI.

TPI was one of the first to sign up to the plan, but it has had its funding cut and now relies on public funding.

However, it has been able to make progress in recent months, according for example to the announcement in March that the RHI would invest in a new Rainforest Fund.

TIS, which is owned by the Australian Institute of Water and Waste Management, has already invested in RRI, with $30 million being committed in the first three months of 2018.

However that is far less than the $1.5 billion RPI’s total investment in RHI over the past year.

In the past, TIS has also invested in Rainforest Investment Fund, a Rainforest Alliance, and Rainforest Reserve Fund.

“There are some big private equity players who are interested in RFI and are looking to invest,” Mertina said.

“It is very important that we invest in projects that are sustainable, that are working and that can be a catalyst for jobs, to create jobs, for infrastructure.

That is what the RainForest Alliance is all about.”

The TJG report also found that there was some variation in the level of investment in different parts of the RSI, which the TNP identified as a potential risk to the sector.

The rainforest sector is now the second-largest sector in Australia after mining, and is one of Australia’s fastest growing industries.

While many investors have made investments in RSI over the years, the TJG analysis found there were some big gaps between the levels of investment and the potential returns that they could deliver.

The study identified that the rainfence sector has suffered from the lack of adequate management in recent years.

For example, there is no monitoring of the impacts of the forest management plan on water quality, which has resulted in a number of water pollution cases, the report said.

The report also identified some major risks to the industry, including the loss of jobs, the potential for environmental degradation, the need to invest more in RGI infrastructure and the risk that the private equity industry would lose its market share.

The TLG study identified another risk to Rainforest Infrastructure: the RGI does not have the necessary capital for projects such as rain forest bridges and infrastructure, the

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