Why is the global economy still in a slump?

Why is this so?

We are living in an economy where most people live in relative comfort, but the real wealth is hidden in offshore tax havens.

We know from a number of studies that offshore tax haven accounts hold a disproportionate amount of the wealth in countries like the UK, and the US.

It is also a key reason why there is a global economic slowdown.

Why is the world still in recession?

The answer lies in a number to three reasons: A) we have not changed our tax code to make the rich pay more: the UK has raised its income tax rate from 20 per cent to 35 per cent, while the US has raised it to 25 per cent.

B) The cost of borrowing to finance the boom has risen to unprecedented levels.

C) The world is stuck in an economic slowdown: we are in the third quarter of the Great Recession and the unemployment rate is at record levels.

What is behind the global economic downturn?

In the aftermath of the 2008 global financial crisis, the world’s economies grew by a combined annual rate of 7.7 per cent – more than double the average growth rate in the past 40 years.

The recovery was driven by the global recovery from the recession, which was fueled by a boom in consumer spending and a global financial market.

But as the recession faded and the global financial system recovered, so too did the global debt burden.

The US, the UK and many other major economies were able to use the recovery to reduce their debt levels, and to boost their financial stability.

In response, other countries in the region and the world borrowed heavily and had to pay a lot to keep their economies running.

The result was a global recession that has now lasted almost two years.

While we are struggling with the global recession, we are also grappling with the effects of the global austerity measures imposed in response to the global crisis.

The world has experienced a global slowdown.

But how does this relate to the US economy?

The US has been one of the world leaders in the global response to global financial crises.

At the same time, we have been one the world leading producers of manufacturing goods, services and energy.

We have exported most of the energy used in the world, and we have built up huge reserves of natural gas, coal and oil.

However, this has meant that our energy supply is constantly under threat.

On the surface, the US energy boom has been very good for the economy, but on closer inspection we see that the real economy is not growing.

The jobs created during the boom are mostly low-paying jobs and jobs that are dependent on government support for the poor.

For example, we now have more than half of the jobs that were created during this boom tied to public-sector jobs, but more than one-third of all the jobs created were low-wage jobs.

This is the result of a series of policies designed to shift the global energy market from a high-cost one in which the US was dominant to one that was dominated by China.

These policies include the imposition of import tariffs on Chinese imports and the imposition by the Chinese government of its own import quotas, in order to maintain market share.

These policies also have an impact on US workers.

The average hourly wages of US workers in 2014 were almost $25 lower than in 2009.

As a result of the austerity measures, unemployment is higher and the number of Americans without a job is much higher.

According to the latest data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the number that are out of work in the US is now higher than it was in 2011.

With unemployment at more than 15 per cent and joblessness at over 20 per a thousand people, this is an economy that is going to struggle to pay its bills in the future.

What are the main drivers of the current global economic slump?

The main drivers are: a) the globalisation of the economy that has driven down wages and incomes for most of us and has reduced the ability of people to work; b) the rise of protectionist policies such as trade protectionism, which have made it difficult for US companies to compete against Chinese companies and has caused huge unemployment; and c) the rapid reduction in the amount of capital available for investment.

A global economic recession has been triggered by the policies of the US and the UK in the aftermath.

There are two main ways that the world is trying to reverse the global downturn.

One is to reverse its effects on the global labour market.

The second is to address the global structural problem of the debt burden, which is growing to unprecedented proportions.

Is the global banking system safe?

The banking system is not a safe place.

While it has been relatively safe in the post-2008 world, there are several risks that have not been taken lightly: a) the financial system is too big and too interconnected to be held financially accountable; b), banks that have become too big

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