Which Puerto Rico governor will help you in 2019?

Puerto Rico’s governor, Ricardo Rosselló, said on Tuesday that he is working with other governors to help Puerto Ricans prepare for the hurricane season.

Rosa Rossello is the first Puerto Rican governor to call on the federal government to provide relief to the island.

The island, home to a population of just under 4 million people, is also grappling with the aftermath of the storm, and the impact of the flooding that hit the US territory last week.

In a statement, Rossellos said that the federal agency responsible for hurricane relief has been “very slow to respond” to the hurricane.

“The federal government is doing nothing but obstructing relief and recovery efforts and preventing Puerto Rico from recovering,” he said.

“We will not stop until our governor and the other governors call for the federal assistance we desperately need.

This is the only way Puerto Rico will be able to recover from the devastating hurricane, which is impacting us and the entire island.”

He said the governors have requested $100bn in federal aid from the US government.

The US Congress is considering a $1.9bn disaster relief package for Puerto Rico, which was declared a disaster by the US President Donald Trump in May.

The government is facing billions of dollars in debt, and Puerto Rican businesses are struggling to cope.

In a move to help prepare for Maria, Rosseyos ordered an emergency funding package worth about $1bn for the island and its 1.4 million residents.

The governor’s statement came a day after Rossellovs office said that Puerto Rico was in the midst of a “historic crisis” as a result of Maria.

In the statement, he said that he and his staff have been “exploring ways to help our citizens and residents”.

“The people of Puerto Rico are being put at risk of financial and physical destruction,” Rossells statement said.

“We must act swiftly to protect the people of our island and protect their ability to rebuild.

The Governor is urging Congress to help him and his administration make necessary financial, legislative, and political adjustments to protect Puerto Rico and its citizens.”

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