$100bn bond fund and growth

The $100 billion US bond fund that was supposed to grow the US economy has already failed to meet its target.

The fund, called the Advanced Strategic Bond Fund, is expected to reach its target in a little more than two years, a key objective for a fund that has the backing of major US and European banks.

It was set up in 2009 with $60 billion of US government bonds and has since grown to $400 billion.

The failure of the fund is a disappointment for many investors.

But it also comes as the US Treasury Department is under pressure to provide the bond fund with the $500 billion needed to keep up with rising interest rates.

The bond fund is currently set to receive a $2.2 billion loan from the Federal Reserve, but the Treasury has so far been unable to provide a sufficient funding for it to make the loan.

The US Treasury is trying to raise the money it needs for the fund from a bond-trading firm known as the FOMC, which would give it more time to raise funds from the bond market.

The FOMc, however, has been unwilling to make such a large investment for a number of reasons, including the fact that it does not have enough money to cover the interest it is paying on the debt.US bond funds are set up by the Treasury Department to help stimulate the economy.

They are set to have a $25 billion annual contribution from the Treasury, which is to grow to $50 billion.

There are currently no bond funds available for US investors, but this could change if Congress agrees to provide additional funds.

The Treasury Department has said that it will take up to six months to raise $2 billion from the markets.

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