Which of the Trump administration’s education policy priorities should be the top priority?

Washington (AP) Education Secretary Betsy DeVos announced on Thursday that she is launching an ambitious plan to overhaul the nation’s education system, laying out a blueprint to overhaul school funding, school accountability and charter schools.

DeVos is expected to unveil a new set of recommendations for how to fund the education system in her budget request on Tuesday, but she also plans to make major changes to how education funding is distributed and what kinds of incentives are given to schools.

She is expected have the backing of the White House, which is eager to see the administration move quickly to reform education.

The plan she unveiled Thursday is an ambitious undertaking that will include overhauling school finance, increasing the number of charter schools and reforming the way states are allowed to issue federal aid to schools and charter operators.

The proposals will also focus on reducing teacher layoffs, ensuring schools have enough money for renovations and creating more opportunities for students. 

“We need to fix the education crisis in our schools,” DeVos said.

“This budget is the first step to making that happen.

It will address the systemic problems in our education system that are holding our children back.” 

In a separate announcement, DeVos also announced plans to work with local governments to streamline the process for expanding charter schools in the state, and she announced a task force that will look at ways to make charter schools more efficient. 

The Education Department has struggled to implement the ambitious plan she outlined.

DeVos’s plan calls for the creation of an independent, non-profit charter school agency to coordinate and administer new charter schools throughout the country.

The new agency would be overseen by a newly appointed commissioner and be overseen at the state level by a superintendent. 

DeVos’ proposal will be released alongside a new budget proposal to the Whitehouse that would set out the administration’s goals for the next fiscal year. 

She also said she will seek to expand access to preschool, early childhood and career learning for all students, including a $1.9 billion expansion of the preschool voucher program, which would include the first state-funded preschool for low-income children. 

Education Secretary Betsy Trump speaks during a meeting at the WhiteHouse in Washington, D.C., U.S., May 2, 2021. 

 Devez’s budget proposal also calls for a $300 million expansion of a federally funded teacher loan program to provide loans to teachers who are already eligible for the program. 

Her plan would also require states to establish a statewide assessment program for public schools and make that assessment public. 

It calls for an increase in the number and diversity of the federal workforce and for an end to the federal requirement that states maintain an annual payroll surplus of at least $1 billion. 

Trump has long advocated for the privatization of public schools.

The Trump administration has been pushing for a privatization of the public school system, arguing that it has failed to provide enough funding to schools to ensure students are educated and trained for jobs that require a college degree. 

In her budget proposal, DeVos said that the administration is looking at reforming how the federal government is used to pay for education. 

Currently, students are paid on a per-pupil basis, which DeVos said would be a “sensible” way to pay students.

DeVos said the federal tax code, which currently pays schools on a sliding scale based on need, should be reformed to allow for a graduated tax credit that could incentivize schools to offer students the best education possible. 

According to the Education Department, the federal budget deficit is currently $2.2 trillion. 

Earlier this week, Trump said he is committed to working with DeVos to fix public education in the United States. 

After her speech, a handful of Republican lawmakers stood in the way of DeVos, who said the administration will not move forward on her proposal. 

House Education Committee Chairman Trent Franks, R-Ariz., said in a statement that DeVos is “a big-government ideologue who wants to privatize education.

Her budget proposal will hurt hard-working families and will hurt the taxpayers.”

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