Trump’s New Perspective Fund: An Investment in the Economy That Will Help You Win the Election

Trump’s new perspective-fund will help you win the election, says David Axelrod, the president’s chief strategist.

And it will do it with a little help from you, Axelrod says in the video above.

Here’s what you need to know about Trump’s campaign-finance overhaul: The New Perspective-Fund is part of the $100 million initiative launched by the Trump campaign.

The campaign’s goal is to invest the money to boost voter turnout.

The focus of the campaign’s new initiative is on “a whole range of ideas and proposals that are on the table, some of which we’re very excited about,” Axelrod said.

But one of the ideas is that people who are underrepresented in the economy and want a shot at a better life can get the money.

It will be administered by the Trumps foundation and be made available to the people who need it most.

And the idea is that there are some really great ideas out there that are really going to change the economy.

You can see that in the graphic below.

It shows the number of people in the country who are not white, who are male, who have no college degree.

That’s the first place to start.

You have the first three places to go.

The second is where we’re at right now.

And then the third is the last place.

So you have a whole bunch of these places.

You’re looking at the fact that you have so many people that are not in the middle class who want a chance to have a better chance of making it, you have to do a little bit of a re-evaluation of how you want to spend your money.

You want to use it to invest in the things that you can actually get your hands on, and that can actually help people make their lives better.

So there’s a lot of ideas.

We’ve got some of them that are very specific and they’ll be very helpful, Axelod said.

You see the graphic, for example, where we have a lot more people in that group.

That would be the middle and upper middle class.

And there’s another group that is a little more inclusive, and I would say the ones that would be really good for a Trump presidency.

They’re the people in between.

The third group are the people at the bottom of the income scale.

And they’re the ones you’re looking for in your campaign finance system.

The idea is to make sure that people are able to get the kind of education that they need to be successful in the job market.

It would give you a real opportunity to give back.

And so, for instance, if you have college degrees, you could have the money put into those areas of the economy where there’s the biggest demand for those skills.

If you have some kind of a skill that’s really important to you that’s going to help you with a career, that could be put into the areas of education.

And that would create jobs.

So that would give people the opportunity to invest more.

And we think it’s a very good idea.

We believe that you and your children and grandchildren are going to be better off as a result of that investment.

So it would help you in a lot.

So what’s in the plan?

We’ve made it very clear that we’re not going to touch the individual tax rate, the individual mandate.

We’re going to do what we need to do to make it easier for people to make decisions about whether they want to buy a car, to invest their money in things that are going that will make them better off, in those areas where they’re not getting the jobs that they want, in places like energy.

We also want to make certain that people can actually spend their money, so that they can buy things that they really want, things that really help them get ahead in life, so we’re going see how much money is put into that area.

We don’t want to be putting money into places where people are going out and getting jobs that are the wrong way around.

And those are the areas that we will be targeting in the campaign.

And you’ll be able to see where those dollars are being spent on.

And I’m confident that you’ll see where we’ll be spending those dollars in those sectors.

So again, we want to do everything we can to make those areas that people need the most.

So we’re working very hard on it.

But what’s the goal?

I think the goal is very clear.

We want to go after the biggest problems that our economy is facing.

And one of those areas is in education.

There are two things we’re focused on right now in education, and they’re both things that we think will be particularly important for the economy in the future.

One is education.

We think that’s a great area of the country that has a lot to offer our kids.

And our hope is that in terms of getting them into college

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