Why Citigroup won’t cut Citigroup’s hedge fund

The Wall Street Journal has a new article on the Citigroup hedge fund’s collapse.

The article looks at the fund’s failure to pay its debts and how the company’s board chose to go forward.

The WSJ reports that a number of senior Citigroup employees, including the head of Citigroup Wealth Management, have been removed from the fund, which was set up by Citigroup to invest in hedge funds.

The company is now in bankruptcy, with some of its hedge funds being sold.

The Wall St Journal writes that the decision by the hedge fund to shut down its funds and move on was made by the top management of the fund.

The hedge fund, however, did not pay back any of the money invested in the funds.

The article says the company was struggling to keep its assets afloat as the economy struggled.

It notes that Citigroup did not have enough capital to keep up with the rate of growth and debt, and that the hedge funds would have needed a lot more capital to fund them.

In an interview with the Wall Street Post, Citigroup said it was still investing in the hedge markets.

“We are not going to sell off any of our investment portfolios and will continue to invest on the back of the U.S. economy,” Citigroup senior vice president of investment banking, Scott M. Cappuccio, said in a statement to the WSJ.

Citigroup was founded in 1965.

It was later acquired by Citicorp in 2000 and has a portfolio of more than $30 trillion.

The funds, which were started to invest the money in the financial markets, were also known as the Citicos and were also sold by the company to Citicom for about $6 billion.

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