Which state’s governors have given the most to their state’s pension funds?

A little-known fact about American state governments is that they’re generally spending more money than their national counterparts.

The most recent data from the U.S. Census Bureau shows that states with the highest state pension contributions are California, New York and Illinois, with about $18.3 billion in total pension contributions to the states’ funds last year.

But the total amount is dwarfed by what’s been spent on each state’s own general government and public schools, according to the Census data.

California’s pension contributions for the 2016 fiscal year were $2.1 billion, while New York’s was $2 billion, and Illinois’ was $1.9 billion, according the Census.

That’s a huge gap between what states are actually contributing to their own pension funds and what their state governments are actually spending.

For example, New Jersey’s general fund received $3.8 billion in state pension payments in 2016, while California’s was just over $4 billion, which puts the gap at $6.4 billion.

The discrepancy between state and federal spending is particularly stark in the case of California’s school funding.

The state received $1 billion in funding for schools in 2016 from both the federal government and the state of California.

But when the federal funds are divided into districts, the federal contribution to California’s public schools actually drops by about $1,000 per student, from $7,898 per student to $6,624 per student.

That’s because the federal funding is not distributed evenly across the state’s schools.

In fact, some districts received a larger percentage of their federal funds in their own state than in California.

California is a state with a high school graduation rate, a high percentage of the population has a high-school diploma and a very low percentage of its citizens have earned a bachelor’s degree.

All of these factors make California an attractive state for those looking to invest in a retirement account, said Scott McArthur, an economist at the Boston Consulting Group.

The disparity in spending between state governments and the federal governments has led to some of the largest public pension gaps in the country.

According to a report by the Institute for Research on Labor and Employment, California was responsible for spending more than $11 billion in the state government’s general funds in 2015, while Connecticut spent $2,000 more in its pension fund than it did in California’s.

For the most part, this gap is because California’s state pension funds are funded by a combination of federal and state funds.

In other words, a state’s general state funds can only fund its pension funds if the federal Government makes up the difference.

But that’s not the case for many other states.

In most states, state pension funding is mostly funded by the federal public pension funds, which in turn depend on the states retirement systems.

This is one of the reasons why some states are spending more on their own general funds than they are on their state pensions.

For instance, New Mexico, one of Californiaís biggest states, has the second-highest state general fund contribution to its general fund of $1 million per student in fiscal year 2017.

That was more than double the federal fund’s contribution of $900,000.

New Mexico is one state thats managed by a different pension fund for its retirement systems than the federal ones.

Californiaís state pension fund relies on a pension system called the California Public Employees Retirement System, which is separate from the federal pension funds.

It receives the same funds as the federal system.

New Mexico’s pension fund receives more than 60 percent of its funds from the state and the remaining 20 percent from the public pension systems, according an analysis by the Economic Policy Institute, a think tank that advocates for higher state pension levels.

California has the third-highest amount of general fund contributions in the nation, at $2 million per pupil, according data from NerdWallet, which tracks state and local public pension spending.

But California still doesn’t have the second highest amount of public school funding per student among states with a general fund.

New York, which has one of most robust public education systems in the U of A, had a general funds per pupil of $8,664 per student last year, while Texas ranked third at $5,858.

The gap between the federal and California pension funds is due in part to the fact that the two states use different formulas to determine how much money each state is allowed to contribute to its pension plans.

California relies on formulas based on how many students each school district receives.

The federal system also has a formula that applies to public schools across the country, according, which relies on the state to calculate how much it can contribute to a state pension plan.

The California pension system is based on a formula based on the number of graduates from each school in the district, which means the amount each school gets from the funding formulas varies depending on the school’s size.

In some districts, there are

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