How to invest your money like a millionaire: Barstool founder John Barstol says investing in mutual funds is his best investment

Barstools founder John Barrstol has made headlines for his controversial investment strategy, which sees investors invest in a pool of funds to be sold at a later date.

Barstools is one of a handful of companies which are selling its mutual funds, which are used to hedge against the risk of falling stock prices.

The company’s mutual fund portfolio is designed to hedge in case a stock market crash in the US or in some other market in which it has a major stake, such as emerging markets or emerging markets emerging markets, India or Latin America, Barstols portfolio manager, Michael Stumpf, told the Financial Times.

The strategy has been criticised by some investors, who say it’s too speculative.

“The whole point of the portfolio is to mitigate the risk,” Stumpff said.

Barrstols investors have taken a more moderate stance on his fund, but still remain cautious.

Investors can only invest in two funds at a time.

They’re known as a hedge fund and a short-term fund.

Stumpff says Barstoli is a “very smart guy” who is an “excellent investor”.

“He’s not afraid to be wrong,” he said.

“He’s always doing things right.”

The hedge fund strategy was actually his idea and he’s been successful in doing that.

“Barstol is really good at picking winners and losers, so he’s never been scared to be right.”

The mutual fund strategy is used to buy or sell stocks, and Barstolitos fund is one such example of a fund.

The Barstolis fund is called “Barstool”.

The company owns two of the companies listed on Barstoles website: and

Barstols shares rose 4.3 per cent to $1,206.40.

More:Barstolis investments have gained him tens of millions of dollars since it was founded in 2000.

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